6 Common Web Design Mistakes

Businesses and companies are struggling when designing a website that boosts conversions and produces a huge amount of income. The website must be attractive, but it must earn a good amount of money too. Focusing on a website that looks nice rather than increasing its conversion rates is also a typical error for companies. These errors are minor, but they do much harm to the website. They make things pointless for consumers to shop, add objections and issues, overwhelm guests, and most importantly drive people away. While many web design firm aims to create an error-free website, there are always chances of big errors also that can be user-friendly. Basic mistakes that typically arise during the web design phase are shared here and recommendations are offered to prevent these mistakes. If you want to boost traffic, leads, and sales your website receives, you’ll want to stop making the same errors as your competitors. Fixing these errors requires work, but it is not that hard. With consistent work, you will significantly boost your website’s visitors, leads, and revenue. It begins finding any mistake that damages your website. Besides determining whether the website adheres to design standards and recommendations, evaluators can assess whether the website includes typical web design flaws and delete them before they become usability issues. Let’s dig at such errors.


Non-Mobile Friendly Website

Google would not rank the website high for anyone browsing on a mobile phone if it recognizes that the website is not designed for smaller screens. You could lose approximately half of your organic search traffic.

Concerning mobile-friendliness, there are several tools available online to check if you have got a mobile-friendly page for example:

  • Google Mobile-free Page Speed Test
  • Keynote Mite
  • World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) MobileOK Checker
  • BrowserStack
  • Bing Mobile-friendly Tool
  • SEO Centro

Longer Loading Time

Patience is a good thing, but it is also a challenging thing for anyone to implement. This applies in particular to web users visiting a website that takes a long time to load. Users prefer swift websites, and when a website behaves slowly, they lose their patience and are less likely to return. Improving the pace of the website is not only relevant for the visitors, but also the search engine rankings.

Web page speed is a variable that cannot be neglected if you want an efficient user experience. You should make a base for this and then reference the baseline to make sure it progresses continuously and it can be done using a customized report, optimizing the images, avoiding scaling them down, compressing the content, putting the stylesheet references at the top of the HTML document and by minimizing HTTP requests.

Placing Email Pop-ups on a Website

E-mail pop-ups are by far the most common marketing strategies but they irritate website users and interrupt user experience thus becoming a major web design mistake. They rather than actual strategy, are an advertising technique that might work for a little while but are bad for the business in the long run.

The approach used to inquire for emails influences the experience of the customer negatively and has such a bad impact that people also opt to avoid the website. However, if someone still wants to use this marketing strategy for his business the email sign-up boxes should be added within the content of the website, at the end of the website’s content, or in the sidebars instead of pop-up email sign-up boxes. This technique will then make that pop-up work as a call to action.

Hidden Contact Information

When on the webpage of a company, most wish to see the contact details of the corporation whilst some quit if no contact or telephone number of that company is accessible. The ultimate aim of your website’s customer interface should be to allow conversion by contacting you. If your telephone number, address, communication type, contact page, email address, or other means of contact are not identified, they become frustrated and would leave your website.

In the key navigation, add a connection to “Contact Us.” Enable people to reach you as many forms as possible like phone, email, submission on a contact form, or even on your Facebook or Twitter site. Often act rapidly to reinforce initial trust in the relationship.

Poor and Weak SEO

SEO and web design operate more smoothly together than most individuals might realize. Their components interact and work so well together that if they are handled properly, the visitors to your site do not really notice something that you made but they simply start to navigate through the website. Poorly built websites imply that the front-end user interface is bad but actually it is the content that can make or break traffic and lead generation. Great content offers outstanding importance and is organically discovered by search engines. There are also a couple of main ways to optimize the content for search engines, such as an emphasis on long-tail keywords, the daily adding of quality content, promoting social involvement, etc.

Too Small Font Size

Amongst the most popular website mistakes is a text that is too hard to understand. Body text ought to be above 14px and all body ought to have a Sans Serif font because it is more reader-friendly and compliant with screen styles and limited sizes.

Try employing a competent web designer for all the stuff you would do as a company owner. They will help ensure that your website creates leads for your company by presenting your clients with an optimum user interface. More specifically, preventing any common interface errors on the website.

In addition to site design and creation, the right technical consultant may be willing to collaborate on suitable content marketing to attract viewers, efficient search engine optimization techniques, and a good social networking campaign. Perhaps more if a company is specialized with branding services as well.

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