There are many web designers in the world, there are even a few hundred in Franklin TN!

But the reality is, there are less than a dozen website designers that can chat with you from a technical level while not making overwhelmed or completely lost in what it takes to build a website for your Franklin business.

At MyNash Web Design, we have dynamic personalities and the skills to get the job done. We have the unique ability to communicate with business owners regarding their marketing objectives and goals, their processes, and needs, as well as the ability to code a website with all the bells and whistles as needed.

We enjoy engaging prospects and clients with our one-of-a-kind website design process and well as the unique way we operate our business as web design company.

We always deliver straight-forward knowledge so businesses can determine what is it they “need” and what they “want” in a website design.

Always standing in integrity, we ensure businesses have information at their fingertips to make an educated decision regarding their scope of work and website design project.

Unlike most SEO Companies in Franklin and the surrounding area, we are a Search Engine Marketing company first, and an Franklin Web Design company second. This means with every website design, we ensure the website is built with both your ideal client and the search engines in mind. Each design project, we’ll get you started in the search engine optimization process so you’re website can be found within the search engines.

Often times, we have businesses find us as they need their web design fixed based on the original designer not making the website truly SEO friendly. Other times, we assist companies in recovering their online rankings due to not ideal marketing practices.

Tips to Stay Away from when Choosing a Web Designer

Keep an eye out for web developers that try and steer you towards FLASH for a web design. You can spot these designers and their website designs pretty easily, as they’re also the same people that play music and often have spinning, flipping, or flying objects on their web page.

These same designers charge a premium to develop the pages in Flash, but again, you’ll need to contact them should you ever need a change made on your website.

Flash is also not able to be displayed on the iPad and many Cell Phones and is also not able to be indexed by search engines for your visitors to find you on Google or Bing.

How Web Design is Different at MyNash Web Design

When you contact a web design company in Franklin in particular, you’ll find that they don’t list their prices on the web. In most cases, these are design firms that have a high overhead, fancy offices in multiple locations, and 10-15 people on staff in each location.

Generally, these firms will not even talk to a client unless the design project is estimated at a minimum $15,000.

We have an entirely different approach to web design and customer service. We prefer to offer our customers custom designed websites rather than designs based on templates Since your business is one of a kind, your business website needs to be, too.

In many cases, you’ll find that the web designs that what we offer are reasonably priced starting at $3,750. If you’re on a really tight budget and need just a one to three-page website, we can build it. Contact us for custom price details.

More than 80% of our clients who contracted us to build a website for them have their websites built on the Content Management System called WordPress. WordPress is a blogging platform, but it can be customized to your heart’s content, allowing the client to make their own web page updates, generate new pages, change navigation and upload or remove pictures and text at their own convenience and without additional charges.

With WordPress, you can update the content and images in your website yourself or our staff are happy to make the updates for you.

Your website should serve three purposes:

  • Be informative to your visitors
  • Be attractive to visitors
  • Be indexable by Search Engines

If you’re missing any of these items, you need a new designer and site developer. At MyNash Web Design, our primary focus is on Search Engine Optimization with many of our customers located in Omaha.

What most designers forget about is the SEO portion of things, such as the actual ranking of your website in search engines, and ranking your website will beat your competition and make you more money.

After all, that’s the goal of a website right?

From 1 page to 1,000 pages, and from 1 product to over 1.4 million products, we’ve built it.


    We are beyond excited to create a professional presence for your business online.

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