The talent behind MyNash Web Design is our team of WordPress Designers. Working on a wide range of projects for a variety of clients, you will be exploring your creative freedom to help startups get online and existing businesses to level up. This role goes beyond just design and development as you will be taking full control of the project direction and will be the main point of contact for the client.

Our designers own their projects from start to finish, allowing them to work in a way that suits them and the client. To be truly successful in this role, you need to not only be properly awesome at UI & UX design, but truly take the time to understand the client, their needs now and in the future and manage the project solo from start to finish.

$60,000 – $90,000 DOE
Role Conditions
Full Time, 40 Hours/Week
Experience Required
3+ Years
Closing Date

Who is MyNash Web Design?

A little about us…

MyNash Web Design is not your typical digital creative agency. Instead of chasing the biggest, most well-known clients we can, we like to focus on the smaller businesses who could genuinely use our services.

Our founder is a Fortune 100 and Silicon Valley startup executive with a tonne of experience working with the big guys. And while it’s super fun, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping a business grow and being along for the ride.

MyNash Web Design primarily offers web design in the form of WordPress development as well as digital marketing services that any business needs to start or grow online.

But instead of massive upfront costs that most startups and small businesses just can’t afford, we charge our clients monthly. This not only helps them out, but ensures they have access to our services and expertise for the long run.

What’s our end goal? To help as many startups and small businesses grow as efficiently as possible.

We’ve done it time and time again, so we’re pretty good! And believe us when we say there’s no greater feeling than having a client come to us a year later saying what an impact we’ve made on their business.


What you’ll actually be doing…

  • Hold discovery meetings with clients to understand their needs
  • Design and develop a website in WordPress exceeding these needs
  • Work without the need for a Figma file or blueprint
  • Work with the client directly on all feedback
  • Take ownership of the overall sitemap and page plan for the website
  • Work with the client and guide them with regards to content
  • Advise the client on best practices they may be unaware of
  • Migrate content from their old website if required
  • Train the client on how to use the WordPress Editor
  • Ensure the design meets a client’s brand guidelines
  • For clients without brand guidelines, create a design that best promotes their brand
  • Take full ownership of the project from start to finish
  • Work with the SEO team to ensure the site is optimized
  • Continue a relationship with the client in terms of future updates


This role requires…

  • 3+ years working with WordPress
  • Full understanding of WordPress’s capabilities
  • Strong portfolio with a variety of WordPress projects
  • Comfortable managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Strong HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP skills
  • Ability to design from scratch with no wireframe
  • Ability to turn projects around quickly – Think a 10 page website in around 20 hours
  • Happy to spend a lot of the time working solo and owning projects completely
  • Equally capable of working with other teams
  • Happily take critical feedback without being emotionally attached to projects
  • Fluent and professional English speaking
  • Fluent and professional English writing

Please note that while we offer remote, flexible working, 95% of our clients are based in the US. It is therefore a requirement that candidates will be able to attend client meetings based on US timezones, sometimes with little notice.


More than just making bank…

  • People first – We value our people the most
  • Compensation in-line with current US market
  • 40 hour working weeks
  • Flexible working – You work when you like
  • Remote working – We’re 100% remote
  • 3 weeks paid time off
  • Additional company-wide holidays
  • Career building opportunities
  • Coaching and mentorship

Should you apply?

To get a sense of whether you’re a great fit for this role, take a look at our must-haves below and see how you score.

Each ‘yep!’ is worth a point, so tally up your points below and see how well this role suits you.

  • Have 3+ years of experience with WordPress?
  • Designed & build WordPress projects from scratch?
  • Can manage multiple WordPress projects from start to finish?
  • Have previous agency experience?
  • Got a strong portfolio full of WordPress projects?
  • Happy working solo on WordPress projects?
  • Happy running client meetings on US time?
  • Can work with time constraints?
  • Can take critical feedback without emotion?
  • Not a freelancer looking for work?

How did you score?

We hire the very best of the best because our people are what makes us successful. If you didn’t score too great, this might not be the role for you.

We wouldn’t advise applying if you scored below a 7 just to save yours and our time. Thanks for understanding!

Less than 5

Sorry! This role might not be right for you. We’re super humble you’re interested, but you’re not likely to get to the interview stages.

You scored 5-7

Hmm… This role might not be right for you sadly as we are looking for the best of the best.

You scored 8-9

Woah! Ok you should definitely apply! As long as you have genuine experience, you could be the person we’ve been looking for!

You scored 10

Apply right now! You must be some kind of awesome to get a perfect 10 and we want to hear from you!

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