Custom Web Design For Busy Business Owners

Our Approach

We take a personalized approach to internet marketing. We gain a deep understanding of your business and your target audience from the beginning, and then use that information to craft a website that fits. The result is a website that reflects your business’ uniqueness and speaks to your audience. Ultimately, we turn website visitors into customers in a way that fits your business.

In many cases, we go beyond a simple website, providing advanced functionality like email marketing and automation, Google business, and analytics accounts, CRM integration, booking systems, instant chat, etc. If you need custom functionality, we’d be happy to help.

Web Design And Development

Our Design Philosophy

A modern website needs to be more than beautiful. It needs to be functional in every way. It needs to help your business be found, understood, and engaged with. This is how we make it happen:

Search Engine Optimization

Your business needs to be found online – and a great looking website is no longer enough to ensure that. In order to place on the coveted first page of Google, we design your website with search engines in mind – using specific multi-word keywords and advanced behind the scenes code in order to tell Google who you are and what you do. While guaranteeing placement on Google’s 1st page is impossible, we follow best practices to help make it happen.

User Experience

Creating a great user experience is the key to having an effective website. For instance, users should be able to immediately understand what your business is, and why your service or product is valuable to them – that’s all part of the user’s experience. We understand and implement simple, yet effective user experience guidelines. We understand that a website with a poor user experience, no matter how good-looking, ultimately accomplishes nothing for a business.

Websites That Fit

Trying to use a premade website template to build a website is like assuming a shoe will fit on every foot. It just doesn’t work. We believe that websites should be 100% customized to fit each business’ individual needs. While this requires more effort, the result is a website that fits – meaning a website that fits everything about your business and your brand and clearly communicates to your target audience.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive design is just another part of user experience design criteria. When over 60% of your website visitors are likely to be using a smartphone, your website needs to look great and function well across multiple devices. That’s why we only make mobile-ready websites. Oh, and mobile readiness means a boost in search engine rankings as an added bonus.


You’ve got a business to run. You don’t have time to create a PDF listing and describing each and every one of your services in detail so that we can slap it on your website and call it a day. And while you definitely understand your business better than anyone, you don’t understand sales-writing, graphic design, user experience, and call-to-actions like we do.

That’s why we start every project by getting to know your company inside and out through a series of very brief phone calls, followed by market research on your competitors. The result is that we understand your business and are able to use our skills and experience to craft a website that showcases your business’ value to your customers without much effort on your part.

We really only ask for photos and/or logos, and we’ll even partner with other sources if you don’t have those!

How It Works

Web Design Starts With You

You know your company inside and out. But you don’t have the time or the technical skills to make a high-performing website. That’s why step 1 starts with you. We will schedule a few short calls to really get to know your business.

In order to create an effective website about your business, we need to know it almost as well as you do. This is where we learn everything we need to know: how your business operates, who it serves, what it does well, who your competitors are, how you advertise, etc. This information is what is going to allow us to come up with an effective plan.01


Once we know about your business and what you are trying to accomplish, we’ll form a plan. This plan will arrive in your inbox in the form of a project proposal. The proposal will outline a website that makes the most sense for your business. It will include details about what you can expect from your website, a fixed cost of investment, and an outline of the project schedule.

The plan is flexible. You can add or remove the scope to fit your budget. Once everything looks good, accept the proposal with a press of a button, and the project will be underway.02


We’ll gather everything we need from you and get to work. In most cases, that means we’ll completely create a website for your business from the ground up.  This process starts with a sitemap outlining the website. Then the homepage is constructed “On Brand,” with colors and layouts that will be used for the whole website.  After that, the rest of the pages and functionality will be created.03

Your Approval

We’ll get your approval at all stages along the way, as we’re committed to continually communicating with our clients. We will walk you through what makes an effective website and get feedback and approval on the project outline, structure of the website, front page (colors, format, etc.), additional pages, functionality (forms, funnels, etc.), and ultimately, the final product.04


Say goodbye to huge upfront invoices, things your website needs at extra cost, months of development time and no support once finished. MyNash Web Design is the way forward.