What is Website as a Service?

Website as a Service (WaaS for geeks) is a fixed monthly fee that includes web design, web development, and maintenance.

Instead of paying $10,000’s upfront, Website as a Service allows your business to scale and evolve rapidly compared to traditional methods.

How does website as a service work?

It’s super simple! Instead of forking out $10,000’s upfront in one lump sum for a website project, (only for your website to become outdated in a couple of years), you pay a fixed monthly cost.

This monthly cost includes everything you need for a successful website from design to development, SEO to maintenance.

Why choose website as a service?

The web is an ever-changing and always evolving place. A website may look and work great one day, only to be considered outdated and underperforming the next.

Website as a Service allows you to adapt, refine and improve your site constantly meaning you’ll always be at the top of your game.

Rather than launching a website and leaving it alone, Website as a Service allows you to stay ahead of the curve by always constantly improving.

What does does it include?

At MyNash Web Design, our Website as a Service includes literally everything you need to succeed online. Not only that but even after your website has launched, you’ll have access to some of the best brains in the US.


Bespoke, expertly designed websites by some of the best talent in the US. We’ve won a bunch of web design awards for a reason and that’s because everything we create is designed from scratch. Unlike some agencies, we never use templates (eww) because we believe in order for a website to succeed, it must be unique.


Built from scratch with performance in-mind, we build our websites in-house ourselves. We never out-source anything because the quality is never as good as it should be. All of our websites are developed right here in the US by US-based developers.


Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is what helps your website be indexed by Google and other search engines. Without it, your audience may never find your website. All of our sites are optimized for search and our in-house SEO team are constantly refining your website to help it be found faster.


No hacking here! Our monthly cost includes top-notch security meaning no downtime, no hacks and nothing for you to worry about.


A hidden cost a lot of agencies forget to mention upfront. Not us! Our monthly price includes super-fast, reliable hosting. In fact, our hosting setup is the same used by huge companies such as Dropbox, Zendesk and Gusto, so you can be sure your website is in safe hands!


Another hidden cost traditional agencies love to charge for. But you guessed it, with MyNash Web Design your monthly price includes all maintenance required to keep your website ticking along nicely.

Continued Support

We’re always here when you need us! You’ll have direct access to designers, developers and SEO experts throughout your project and beyond! Unlike traditional agencies where once your site is live that’s it, we’re always there for you even if it’s just to share advice.

A free website refresh

Like fashion, web design trends are always changing. That’s why after two years, we’ll redesign your website for free! It’s all included in the fixed monthly price, meaning we’ll always be keeping your website looking fresh.

What are the benefits of WaaS?

Apart from saving a tonne of money upfront and continuous support from experts, Website as a Service is the future of web design for a bunch of reasons.

No upfront cost

Websites done right are expensive. Ignoring DIY builders and sketchy ‘I can build you a website for $100’ services sites (you know the ones), a decent typical website can cost $10,000. With Website as a Service, there is no upfront lump sum. Instead you pay a fixed monthly cost that still works out cheaper than a traditional build.

Everything is covered

Most traditional agencies forget to mention that the huge upfront cost doesn’t even cover everything! You need to add hosting, maintenance and support on top of that! Not with Website as a Service! Everything is included in the monthly cost so you can get on with running your business.

Expert advice

Traditionally you may be able to contact yoru web agency during the build, but if you need support or advice after its finished then be prepared to pay a lot of money! With Website as a Service, you receive a number of hours of support every month.

Always evolving

Websites can become outdated very quickly, but with Websites as a Service, your site is constantly evolving. So instead of forking out every couple of years for a rebuild, your site is always moving with the times.

How much does it cost?

Think hundreds per month, not tens of thousands upfront.

Website as a Service is way cheaper than traditional methods of web design and that’s because the cost is spread over a longer period of time.

Typically, a Website as a Service can cost as little as $300 per month and that’s for a website designed and built right here in the US by super talented folks.